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Gautam Gupta

Gautam Gupta



  • Biosciences
  • Biomaterials
  • Chemical Science
  • Biological chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Energetic materials
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Materials chemistry
  • Photovoltaics
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Nanostructured quantum confined materials
  • Colloids
  • Materials
  • Functional materials
  • Polymer production and fabrication processes
  • Polymer characterization techniques
  • Polymer science
  • Nanotechnology
  • Interface engineering
  • Control atomic arrangements on the nanoscale
  • Integrate inorganic and organic nanomaterials into functional nanosystems
  • Photovoltaics
  • Soft and biological materials
  • Synthetic and biological polymers
  • Self-assembled organic thin films and solids
  • Colloids
  • Biological assemblies
  • Supramolecular chemistry
  • Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT)


  • Preparation of an artificial myelin sheath
  • 3-D immobilization of cells, enzymes and fragile  architectures into a porous silica matrix
  • Immobilization of enzymes on electrodes for biofuel cell applications
  • High efficiency Organic Photovoltaic Devices on nanoporous metal films
  • All carbon solar cells
  • Interfaces of 2D materials
  • Preparation of fluorescent single walled carbon nanotube/silica composite materials
  • Formation, electrochemical characterization, and stabilization of lipid bilayers on nanoporous metal surfaces


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, The University of New Mexico, 2009

M.S., Chemical Engineering, The University of New Mexico, 2003

B.S., Chemical & Biological Engineering, National Institute of Technology, 2000


LANL Positions

Staff Scientist, Materials Synthesis and Integrated Devices (MPA-11), September 2013 -  Present

Staff Scientist, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (MPA-CINT), October 2011- August 2013

Postdoc, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, April 2009 - October 2011



Fluorescent composites of single-walled carbon nanotubes.G. Gupta, J. G. Duque, S. K. Doorn, C. Hamilton, K.A.D. Obrey, and A. M. Dattelbaum. Just Published

Artificial Diatom Feed Supplements: Controlled Release for Commercial Mariculture. G P López, R. Durvasula, I. Hurwitz, G. Gupta. U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/335,601 was filed on January 8, 2010

Bio-Compatible Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Gels: Vapor Phase Synthesis. G. Gupta, P. Atanassov, G. P López. Pub. no. 12/134,874, PCT/US08/66168.

Disposable electrochemical cells. G. Gupta, D. Morris, A.M. Dattelbaum. US 8529740 B2

Robust Hybrid Thin Films that Incorporate Lamellar Phospholipid Bilayer Assemblies and Transmembrane Proteins. G. Gupta, P. Atanasov, G. P López. Pub. No. US 2007/0269662 A1.



Selected Publications

S.Lei , L.Ge , S.Najmaei , A.George , R.Kappera , J.Lou , M.Chhowalla , H.Yamaguchi , G.Gupta , R.Vajtai , A.D. Mohite , and P.M. Ajayan "Evolution of the Electronic Band Structure and Efficient Photo-Detection in Atomic Layers of InSe", ACS Nano, Just Accepted Manuscript (2014). DOI: 10.1021/nn405036u

H.Yamaguchi, J.Granstrom, W.Nie, H.Sojoudi, T.Fujita, D.Voiry, M.Chen, G.Gupta, A.D.Mohite, S.Graham & M.Chhowalla "Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films as Ultrabarriers for Organic Electronics" Adv. Energy Mater. (2013). doi: 10.1002/aenm.201300986

G.Gupta, S.Iyer, K.Leasure, N.Virdone, A.M.Dattelbaum, P.B.Atanassov, and G.P.López "Stable and Fluid Multilayer Phospholipid–Silica Thin Films: Mimicking Active Multi-lamellar Biological Assemblies" ACS Nano 7, 5300 (2013).

G. Gupta*, J.C. Thorp*, A.M. Dattelbaum, A. Misra, and S.T. Picraux (*Equal contribution) "Morphology and Porosity of Nanoporous Au Thin Films Formed by Dealloying of AuxSi1-x" J. Appl. Phys. 112, 094320 (2012).

J.G. Duque, C.E. Hamilton, G. Gupta, S.A. Crooker, J. Crochet, A. Mohite, H. Htoon, K.A. DeFriend Obrey, A.M. Dattelbaum, and S.K. Doorn  "Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Aerogels in Surfactant-Free Environments" ACS Nano 5, 8 (2011).

J.G. Duque,* G. Gupta,* L. Cognet, B. Lounis, S.K. Doorn and A.M. Dattelbaum (*Equal contribution) "New Route to Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Silica Nanocomposites: Balancing Fluorescence Intensity and Environmental Sensitivity" J. Phys. Chem. 115, 31 (2011).

G. Gupta and Plamen Atanassov "Enzyme-labeled DNA hybridization assay: electrochemical detection of a mutation in p53 gene" Electroanalysis 23, 1615 (2011).

G. Gupta, C. Lau, B. Branch, V. Rajendran, D. Ivnitski and P. Atanassov "Direct Bio-electrocatalysis by Multi-copper Oxidases: Gas-diffusion Laccase-catalyzed Cathodes for Biofuel Cells" Electrochim. Acta, 56, 10767 (2011).

G. Gupta, C. Lau, V. Rajendran, F. Colon, B. Branch, D. Ivnitski and P. Atanassov. "Direct electron transfer catalyzed by bilirubin oxidase for air breathing gas-diffusion electrodes" Electrochem. Comm. 13, 247 (2011).

H.R. Luckarift, S. Sizemorea, J. Roy, C. Lau, G. Gupta, P. Atanassov, G.R. Johnson "Standardized microbial fuel cell anodes of silica-immobilized Shewanella oneidensis" Chem. Comm. 7, 6048 (2010).

G. Gupta, S.B. Rathod, K.W. Staggs, L.K. Ista, K.A.Oucherif, P.B. Atanassov, M.S. Tartis, G.A. Montano, and G.P. López "CVD for the Facile Synthesis of Hybrid Nanobiomaterials Integrating Functional Supramolecular Assemblies" Langmuir 25, 13322 (2009).

G. Gupta, P. Atanassov, G.P. López "Robust Hybrid Thin Films that Incorporate Lamellar Phospholipid Bilayer Assemblies and Transmembrane Proteins" Biointerphases 1, 1 (2006).


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