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2010 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics

QCD and the Quark-Gluon Plasma: Organizers: M. Brooks, M. Leitch, and I. Vitev

Tuesday Nov 2

3:00 Zhongbo Kang - Recent Progress in Spin Physics
3:30 Xiarong Wang - Rcent Highlights from the Spin Program at PHENIX
4:00 Stephen Trentalange - Highlights from the Spin Experimental Program at STAR

5:00 Anna Statso - Theoretical Overview of Cold Nuclear Matter Effects
5:30 Pat McGaughey - Cold Nuclear Matter Effects on QCD Processes
6:00 Denes Molnar - Extracting the Properties of Strongly-Interactig Plasmas from RHIC Data

Wednesday Nov 3

9:00 Helen Caines - RHIC Energy Scan and the Search for the Critical Point
9:30 Agnes Mocsy - Theoretical Overview of Dilepton and Quarkonium Production
10:00 Loren Linden Levy - Recent Experimental Results on Di-lepton and
Quarkonium Production in Heavy-Ion Reactions

11:00 Bjoem Schenke - Theoretical Advances in Understanding Jet and Open Heavy Flavor Production
11:30 Mateusz Ploskon - An Experimental Perspective on the Hard Probes Frontier in Reactions with Nuclei
12:00 Marguerite Biet Tonjes - LHC and Future Directions in Heavy Ion Physics









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