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2010 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics

Nuclear and Neutrino Astrophysics: Organizers: A. Couture, C. Fryer, and S. Reddy

Tuesday Nov 2

3:00 Christian D. Ott - Black Hole Formation in Failing Core-Collapse Supernovae
3:30 John Beacom - Detection of Neutrinos from Galactic and Cosmic Supernovae
4:00 Huaiyu Duan - Neutrino Oscillations in Supernovae
5:00 Charles Horowitz - Neutron Rich Matter, Neutron Stars, and Their Crusts
5:30 Ed Brown - Drilling into a Neutron Star with X-Ray Transients
6:00 Xiandong Tang - Carbon Burning in the Universe and the Laboratory
6:30 D. W. Bardayan - Recent Experiments Related to Explosive Nuclear Burning

Wednesday Nov 3

9:00 Shri Kulkarni - Charting the Transient Sky, The Palomar Transient Factory
9:30 Lee Samuel Finn - Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Exploring the Astrophysics of Compact Object Mergers
10:00 Frank Timmes - Diagnostics for Thermonuclear and Core-Collapse Supernovae
11:00 Yong-Zhong Qian - Rcent Progress and Future Outlook of
r-Process Studies
11:30 Hendrik Schatz: Nuclear Masses in Astrophysics
10:00 Gianluca Imbriani









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