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2010 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics

Neutrinos and Fundamental Symmetries: Organizers: V. Cirigliano,
S. Elliott, and T. Ito

Tuesday Nov 2

3:00 Paul Langacker - Overview
3:30 Christopher Mauger - Accelerator Neutrino Oscillations
4:00 Robert Svoboda - theta_13 Measurements

5:00 Andreas Piepke - Double Beta Decay and the Nature of the Neutrino
5:30 Anatoli Serebrov - Neutron Lifetime
6:00 Brad Plaster - Neutrons and Fundamental Symmetries
6:30 Tom Blum - Lattice QCD and Fundamental Symmetries

Wednesday Nov 3

9:00 Wick Haxton - Nuclear Electric Dipole Moment Calculations
9:30 TBD
10:00 David Hertzog - Muons and Fundamental Symmetries

11:00 Andre de Gouvea - Muons and Fundamental Symmetries
11:30 Tim Gorringe - Mulan, a part per million measurement of the mu+ lifetime
12:00 Adam Bernstein - Cooperative Monitoring of Reactors with Antineutrino Detectors









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