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Espanola Public School teachers strengthen skills during summer session

Elementary- through high-school teachers attended a workshop designed to help them better understand and teach earth and space science.
September 1, 2012
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In the July heat, 21 elementary- through high-school teachers attended a five-day, 30-hour workshop designed to help them better understand and teach earth and space science. Developed and administered by the Lab’s Northern New Mexico Math and Science Academy, this year’s workshop,was titled “Earth Science in a New Mexico Context.” The sessions included hands-on and computer-based interactive programs that covered everything from phases of the moon, to the evolution of the Earth’s crust, to the planet’s water cycle. By the end of the sessions, the teachers’ own test scores for the subject matter showed improvement.

Ultimately, the sessions were designed to give the teachers tools that are readily transportable into their classrooms. With this knowledge, they will be able to help their students break free of misconceptions such as the idea that seasons are caused by the relative distance of the Earth from the Sun, when in actuality, it is the tilt of the Earth’s axis that causes our ever-changing seasons.

The teachers’ attendance was supported by the Espanola School District as part of its teacher professional development activities.

To learn more about the Lab’s Math and Science Academy, go to http://www.lanl.gov/education/teachers/mathsci.shtml.

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