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July 1, 2015
New research, publications and videos

New research, publications and videos


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Analyzing ocean mixing reveals insight on climate

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed a computer model that clarifies the complex processes driving ocean mixing in the vast eddies that swirl across hundreds of miles of open ocean.

Los Alamos National Laboratory names new leadership for Weapons and Operations Directorates

Robert (Bob) Webster has been selected to be the Lab’s next Principal Associate Director for Weapons Programs, and Craig Leasure has been selected as the new Principal Associate Director for Operations.

Global samples from nuclear contamination sites reveal unpredicted uranium and plutonium behavior

Knowing how a chemical in soil reacts and transforms over time in response to neighboring elements, weather and heat is essential in determining whether that chemical is hazardous. This is especially important when that chemical is radioactive.

Drought-induced tree mortality accelerating in forests

Two reports are helping crack the code of how certain materials respond in the highly-damaging radiation environments within a nuclear reactor.

Better predicting flu outbreaks with Wikipedia

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have the ability to forecast the upcoming flu season and other infectious diseases by analyzing views of Wikipedia articles. “The ability to more accurately forecast the flu season and other infectious diseases will transform the way health departments prepare for and respond to epidemics, ultimately saving lives,” scientist Sara Del Valle said.

Using biomarkers to identify traumatic brain injury for soldiers, sports figures

A new detection approach originally developed for tuberculosis diagnostics is being adapted as a tool for determining traumatic brain injury, one of the challenges facing the medical community as it works to treat military and sports figures with head injuries. Minute chemical alterations in the body, called biomarkers, are the key.


July issue of Community Connections

May 1663: The Los Alamos Science and Technology Magazine

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Project ATHENA Creates Surrogate Human Organ Systems

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