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September 2, 2014
The Wolf computer system modernizes mid-tier resources for Los Alamos scientists.  The Wolf computer system modernizes mid-tier resources for Los Alamos scientists.

Los Alamos National Laboratory chemist Bryce Tappan ignites a small quantity of aluminum nanoparticle water mixture. In open air, the compound burns like a Fourth of July sparkler.


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Los Alamos probes mysteries of uranium dioxide’s thermal conductivity

New research is showing that the thermal conductivity of cubic uranium dioxide is strongly affected by interactions between phonons carrying heat and magnetic spins.

Los Alamos National Laboratory launches new student app

Students can use to learn about employment opportunities, science research, education programs and more.

Los Alamos devices capture ‘Oscars of Invention’ awards

Safire oil-well measurement and AWS laser-based spectrometer for materials inspection capture R&D Magazine’s “R&D 100s”

Ribosome research in atomic detail offers potential insights into cancer, anemia, Alzheimer’s

A groundbreaking study of the human ribosome is revealing that the tiny molecular machine is more versatile than previously understood.

Scientists ignite aluminum water mix

Don't worry, that beer can you’re holding is not going to spontaneously burst into flames.

New Los Alamos approach may be key to quantum dot solar cells with real gains in efficiency

Researchers have demonstrated an almost four-fold boost of the carrier multiplication yield with nanoengineered quantum dots.


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Science of Sound at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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