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The conference sessions will be Monday through Friday November 8-12, 2004 in the conference rooms of the Fiesta Americana.

There will be an icebreaker Sunday Evening November 7, 7:30 - 9:30p.m. and a banquet Friday Evening after the conference.

The schedule will be:

The sessions involve invited talks, contributed talks, and posters. A number of audience-participation discussions will be held. To view the Schedule of Presentations PRESS HERE

During the 5 days of presentations, six 50-minutue-long audience-participation discussion sessions have been scheduled about issues related to the subject matter of the conference. These six sessions are unstructured. Each discussion session has a discussion leader who will control the floor, ask questions of the audience, and ask for clarification of debates. Audience members are encouraged to make their point using at most 1 or 2 view graphs.

The six sessions and the six discussion leaders are listed below (see also the bottom of the ?Agenda? page on the conference website www.lanl.gov/csse/merida/.

Although not necessary, you might contact the discussion leaders before the sessions to make sure that your points are brought up.

Discussion 1: Monday Afternoon
Bob McPherron rmcpherron@igpp.ucla.edu
The Propagation of Features in the Solar Wind: How Do We Improve Predictions?

Discussion 2: Tuesday Evening
Terry Onsager Terry.Onsager@noaa.gov
What Drives the Ring Current (Dst)? What Drives the Radiation Belts?

Discussion 3: Wednesday Morning
Jorge Chau jchau@jro.igp.gob.pe
How Does the Ionosphere Regulate the Magnetosphere under Different Solar-Wind Conditions?

Discussion 4: Thursday Evening
Nat Gopalswamy gopals@fugee.gsfc.nasa.gov
For a Better Understanding of the Sun-Earth Connection, What Science Needs to Be Done in Heliospheric Physics?

Discussion 5: Friday Morning
Josh Semeter jls@bu.edu
ULF Waves in the Magnetosphere: What Are their Sources and What Are their Effects?

Discussion 6: Friday Afternoon
Don Mitchell Donald.G.Mitchell@jhuapl.edu
What Are the Differences between CME-Driven and CIR- Driven Storms?

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