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Conference Participants (pdf)

Name Affiliation
Acton, James Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Adkins, Carol Sandia National Laboratories
Akiyama, Nobumasa Hitotsubashi University
Albright, Parney Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Anastasio, Michael Los Alamos National Laboratory
Barker, Robert Consultant
Barnes, Rudy House Armed Services Committee
Beckner, Everet Consultant
Bentz, Julie National Security Staff
Bernardin, Michael Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bickel, Thomas Sandia National Laboratories
Bingen, Kari Congressional Staff
Blair, Robert Congressional Staff
Brewer, Carla Los Alamos National Laboratory
Brooks, Linton Former NNSA Administrator
Brown, Joseph U.S. Strategic Command
Browne, John Director Emeritus, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Budil, Kimberly U.S. Department of Energy
Buley, Rex U.S. Strategic Command
Bunn, M. Elaine National Defense University
Butler, John Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Carnesale, Albert University of California, Los Angeles
Carpintero-Santamaria, Natividad Polytechnic University of Madrid
Carter, Ashton U.S. Department of Defense
Chadwick, Mark Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chyba, Christopher Princeton University
Cieslak, Michael Sandia National Laboratories
Clow, Michael U.S. Strategic Command
Colby, Elbridge U.S. Department of Defense
Cook, Don U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Corbett, David Sandia National Laboratories
Crandall, David U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Creedon, Madelyn Congressional Staff
D’Agostino, Thomas U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Daigle, Roland Congressional Staff
Davis, Zachary Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
DeGrasse, Robert Congressional Staff
Diaz de la Rubia, Tomás Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Domzalski, Mark U.S. Department of Defense
Dunn, Lewis Science Applications International Cooperation
Dunning, Michael Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Falcone, Patricia Office of Science and Technology Policy
Fearey, Bryan Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ferderber, Lawrence Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Filbee, David Atomic Weapons Establishment
Foster, John Jr. TRW, Inc.
Fullerton, Adam Congressional Staff
Gillman, Ann Congressional Staff
Gioconda, Thomas Bechtel National
Goodrum, W. Steve U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Gordon, John Former NNSA Administrator
Grand, Camille Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique
Greenaugh, Kevin U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Hake, Davis Congressional Staff
Hamre, John Center for Strategic and International Studies
Hannah, Barry U.S. Navy Strategic Systems
Harencak, Garrett U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Harrington, Anne National Academy of Sciences
Hart, Carolyne Sandia National Laboratories
Harvey, John U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Hazen, Michael Sandia National Laboratories
Hecker, Siegfried Director Emeritus, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Henry, S. Steve U.S. Department of Defense
Hommert, Paul Sandia National Laboratories
Hruby, Jill Sandia National Laboratories
Hulcher, Gregory U.S. Department of Defense
Hunter, Thomas Sandia National Laboratories
Hutfles, Veronica Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jeanloz, Raymond University of California, Berkeley
Jernigan, Tamara Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jimbo, Ken Keio University
John, Miriam Consultant
Johnson, Stephen U.S. Navy Strategic Systems
Joseph, Jofi U.S. Department of State
Joseph, Robert National Institute for Public Policy
Kartchner, Kerry U.S. Department of State
Keese, David Sandia National Laboratories
Kelley, Kerry U.S. Strategic Command
Knapp, Bret Los Alamos National Laboratory
Koch, Susan Consultant
Koonin, Steven U.S. Department of Energy
Kostiw, Michael Senate Armed Services Committee Top
Kuckuck, Robert University of California, Office of the President
Kuntz, Carol U.S. Department of Defense
Kusnezov, Dimitri U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Lachman, Jon U.S. Department of Defense
Landeg, Daryl Atomic Weapons Establishment
Langevin, James U.S. House of Representatives
Lerner, Daniel Congressional Staff
Lion, Charles French Atomic Energy Commission
Litwak, Robert Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Lugar, Richard U.S. Senate
Lyons, David Los Alamos National Laboratory
Maenchen, John U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Maldonado, Sandra Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Mara, Glenn University of California, Office of the President
Marggraff, Melissa Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Martinez, Karen Los Alamos National Laboratory
McMillan, Charles Los Alamos National Laboratory
Medalia, Jonathan Congressional Research Service
Mies, Richard U.S. Navy (Retired)
Miller, Frank The Cohen Group
Miller, George Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Miller, James U.S. Department of Defense
Moore, Thomas Congressional Staff
Morrison, Tim Congressional Staff
Moses, Edward Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Mullins, Billy U.S. Air Force
Murdock, Clark Center for Strategic and International Studies
Nacht, Michael U.S. Department of Defense
Nanos, G. Pete Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Neu, Mary Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nguyen, Tuan Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Niedzielski-Eichner, Phillip U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Pattiz, Norman LANS/LLNS Board of Governors
Payne, Keith National Institute for Public Policy
Pedersen, Robert U.S. Department of Defense
Pilat, Joseph Los Alamos National Laboratory
Rees, William Jr. Los Alamos National Laboratory
Rehbein, David Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Reis, Victor U.S. Department of Energy
Richardson, Isaac III Los Alamos National Laboratory
Roberts, Bradley U.S. Department of Defense
Roberts, Guy North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Sakaldasis, George Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sankey, Peter U.K. Ministry of Defence
Schlesinger, James MITRE Corporation
Schneider, William Jr. Defense Science Board
Schomer, Christina Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sidhu, W. Pal EastWest Institute
Simonson, Greg U.S. Department of Energy/NNSA
Smolen, Robert Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Soofer, Robert Congressional Staff
Stulen, Richard Sandia National Laboratories
Tannenbaum, Benn American Association for the Advancement of Science
Tarter, C. Bruce Director Emeritus, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Tauscher, Ellen U.S. Department of State
Troyano, Thomas U.S. Department of Defense
Turner, Patrick British Embassy
Vance, Thomas Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Velarde, Guillermo Polytechnic University of Madrid
Ventura, Jonathan Los Alamos National Laboratory
Verdon, Charles Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Vergino, Eileen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Verwaerde, Daniel French Atomic Energy Commission
Vince, Robert U.S. Department of Defense
Wagner, Alex U.S. Department of Defense
Wagner, Richard Jr. Los Alamos National Laboratory
Wallace, Ian British Embassy
Wallace, Terry Los Alamos National Laboratory
Wapman, P. Derek Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Warner, Bruce Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Weber, Andrew U.S. Department of Defense
Welch, Larry Institute for Defense Analyses
White, Martin British Embassy
Wier, Anthony Congressional Staff
Wilson, Rodney Sandia National Laboratories
Woodard, Joan Sandia National Laboratories
Woodson, Marcus Congressional Staff
Woolf, Amy Congressional Research Service
Yaguchi, Michael U.S. Department of Defense
Yost, David Naval Postgraduate School Top

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