Decadal Challenges for Prodicting and Controlling Materials Performance in Extremes
Los Alamos National Laboratory

September 23 - 25, 2009
Opportunities for Activated Samples
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

  • Workshop Chair
    John Sarrao
    Los Alamos National Lab
  • Workshop Administrator
    Rose Romero
    Los Alamos National Lab
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Decadal Challenges Workshop, hosted by LANL

The Decadal Challenges workshop, held December 6-10, 2009, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, began identifying the scientific challenges and research directions to achieve predictive materials performance in extreme environments. At present, we lack a sufficient multi-scale understanding of component performance and failure to enable process-aware control of materials functionality. Central to this challenge is bridging first-principles atomic-scale understanding to integrated bulk phenomenology; the manipulation and control of defects and interfaces on intermediate spatial and temporal scales is a key opportunity. The workshop focused specifically on needed capabilities and tools to seize this opportunity.

In particular, the workshop emphasized research needs in the areas of radiation-matter interactions for fission and fusion, matter interactions in extremes, and radiation-matter interactions for energy and detection. Building on previous studies by organizations such as DOE's Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Energy, and National Nuclear Security Administration, workshop participants identified, through a series of breakout panels, priority research directions and the capabilities required to achieve success. Outcomes will be documented in a publicly available workshop report.

Breakout panels

Following an opening plenary session to set the scope of the challenge, as well as the scope of the workshop, the primary work of the workshop was done in breakout panels, which were then reported to the broader workshop in plenary session. Individual panels were chosen to align with challenges in radiation matter interactions for fission and fusion, radiation matter interaction for energy conversion, and matter interactions in extremes, as well as to promote integration and identify cross-cutting themes between and among these focus areas.

We defined two specific cross-cutting panels, as well as two each (a broad science theme and a targeted 'application' area) in each of our three focuses:

Radiation Matter Interactions for Fission and Fusion

Radiation Matter Interactions for Energy Conversion

Matter Interactions in Extremes

Cross-Cutting Themes

Workshop Vision, Goal

In addition to the principal work of the workshop, which occurred in the aforementioned panels, we had three to four plenary speakers to set the overall context and vision of the workshop.

The goal of the workshop was to distill the work of the various panels into of order 10 priority decadal challenges and to identify the performance gaps and facility requirements needed to solve these challenges.

As such, interaction between and among the various breakout groups was strongly encouraged.


Planning site (limited access)

Steering Committee and Workshop Chair:
John Sarrao
Point of Contact:
Micheline Devaurs
Fission and Fusion:
Jack Shlachter
Energy conversion:
Quanxi Jia
Interactions in extremes:
Rusty Gray
Curt Bronkhorst, Marius Stan

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