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May 2-6, 2010
La Fonda on the Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Tour of Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE)

A tour of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) accelerator, in conjunction with the 2010 Beam Instrumentation Workshop, is set for Thursday, May 6, 2010. The tour application deadline was February 19; applications are no longer being accepted.


LANSCE is the signature experimental science facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Built more than 30 years ago, LANSCE was an innovative accelerator design conceived by Manhattan Project veteran scientist Louis Rosen to be a world-class neutron scattering facility. To complement the studies into the nature of elementary particles conducted at other institutions in the 1970s, the then-new facility would produce the highest-intensity proton beam in the world to explore the fundamental forces of nature at medium energies.

The diversity of research enabled by LANSCE is rivaled by few facilities anywhere in the world—LANSCE helps researchers solve problems in fields from biological science to materials science to fundamental physics. LANSCE is a national resource that supports basic and applied research for national security and civilian applications. A unique attribute of LANSCE is that its five major facilities (Lujan Neutron Scattering Center, Weapons Neutron Research Facility, Proton Radiography Facility, Isotope Production Facility, and Ultracold Neutron Source) can operate simultaneously. On-going research at LANSCE includes medical applications, semiconductor development, nuclear deterrence, and energy security.

Tour Logistics

The tour will begin with a bus ride leaving at 12:30 p.m. from the BIW10 venue, La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe, to Technical Area (TA) 53 at LANL, which will take about 45 minutes. A box lunch will be provided for tour attendees to enjoy on the ride between Santa Fe and Los Alamos.

Expected time of arrival back at La Fonda after the tour is approximately 7 p.m., at which time the workshop will be effectively ended and tour attendees will be on their own for dinner. 

Before arrival at TA-53, each attendee will be provided a visitor badge to be worn on the upper torso for the duration of the tour; visitor badges must be returned at the termination of the tour. To receive a visitor badge for the tour, a participant must have photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, available at the time of badging. Necessary dosimetry devices will be worn only by escorts and guides; they will not be issued to tour attendees.

Expected stops on the tour include the Injector, sites along the LINAC beam line, the Central Control Room, the Switchyard, the RF Rack Bay, and one or more Flight Path Experimental Area.

Escorts and guides will be available during the tour should any tour participant have a question or need assistance.

The tour will cost ~$60 US/person.

Security Requirements

Due to Laboratory-wide security requirements, all tour attendees (including spouses and other guests of BIW10 participants) had to apply no later than February 19, 2010, by submitting the Tour Application Form.  Security requirements in force at LANL required that certain personal information be provided by tour participants, with additional information to be provided by tour participants who are not US citizens.

Additional security requirements in force at LANL include:

  • Personal cell phones, cameras, and other recording devices, if brought by tour participants, must be left on the bus during visits to accelerator facilities. No photography, video recording, or sound recording is allowed by tour participants while on Laboratory property. Additional controlled articles not allowed during the tour include equipment with radio frequency, infrared, or other wireless transmission capability, including Bluetooth, portable computers (including laptops), personal digital assistants (PDAs), BlackBerries, iPods, or similar electronic devices.
  • Portable electronic storage devices are also not allowed during this visit, including thumb drives, CD/DVD write-drives, flash memory cards, external hard drives, and other electronic storage capabilities.
  • Tour attendees may not bring prohibited articles to LANL. Such items include weapons, explosives, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia.



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