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BIW10 banner

May 2-6, 2010
La Fonda on the Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Los Alamos National Laboratory


The BIW10 organizing committee gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following sponsors in support of this year's workshop and activities.

Primary Sponsor: LANL


Los Alamos National Laboratory's Associate Directorate for Engineering and Engineering Sciences (ADE) is the primary sponsor for BIW10. As the parent organization for engineering and fabrication services within Los Alamos National Laboratory, ADE maintains, develops, and deploys all R&D engineering and fabrication resources to LANL technical programs.

Corporate Sponsors

Agilent | BiRa | CAEN | Dimtel | GMW | Instrumentation Technologies | LinTech | Pearson |
TDK-Lambda | Times Microwave | Wiener | ZTEC

agilent logo

Agilent Technologies, Inc. is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis. In laboratories around the world, Agilent instrumentation has become an integral part of advanced experimental systems. Agilent's measurement solutions for advanced research can integrate directly into your experiment. Our range of instruments includes oscilloscopes, power supplies and high-speed data converters. Agilent high-speed Acqiris digitizers offer distinct advantages when you need a large number of synchronized acquisition channels: high speed, low-power operation, high channel density and excellent accuracy.


BiRa provides innovative products through partnerships. Our products include modular bipolar power supplies, high voltage cPCI/PXI power modules, rack/equipment cooling, power control/distribution, and CAMA/NIM. Let our experienced support team help you with your project.


CAEN logo

CAEN SpA is a leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic equipment for nuclear and particle physics, such as low voltage and high voltage power supply systems, front-end and data acquisition electronics (standard VME, NIM, CAMAC solutions). CAEN activities are at the forefront of technology, thanks to years of intensive collaborations with the major research centers and universities in the world. CAEN is also proud of its extensive collaboration with the most important HEP experiments world-wide: almost 40% of our production is custom design.


dimtel logo

Dimtel Inc. is a leading provider of analog and digital signal processing solutions for particle accelerators. We focus primarily on bunch-by-bunch feedback and diagnostics and low-level RF.


GMW Logo

GMW is a distributor and integrator of sensors, transducers, instruments, and systems based on magnetics. Products and support are provided for non-contact, isolated sensing of mechanical position and magnetic material, magnetic field and magnetic property measurement, electric current measurement and control, magnetic field generation and control, and particle beam control and acceleration.


INstrumentation Technologies Logo

Instrumentation Technologies is a provider of Libera family instruments--the state-of-the-art instrumentation systems used for diagnostics and beam stabilization at particle accelerators around the world. The all-in-one instruments cover analog and real-time digital signal processing and high-level software. Combining different Libera products together, it is possible to get turn-key solutions for an accelerator: closed orbit feedback, bunch-by-bunch feedback, turn-by-turn studies, linac energy stabilization and other solutions for assuring a stabilized beam.


LinTech Logo

For over 39 years, LinTech has designed, engineered, and manufactured positioning components and systems for use in a wide range of linear motion control applications. With our commitment to service, technical support, and quick deliveries, LinTech can provide you with a standard or custom product for your present or future automation task. We specialize in adapting products for difficult environments.


pearson logo images

Pearson Electronics has produced precision current-monitoring transformers since 1958. The Pearson design plus careful workmanship and quality control produce current monitors with excellent frequency response and amplitude accuracy. Originally developed for measuring pulse currents, Pearson Current Monitors are now also widely used to measure more complicated transients and periodic signals from a few Hertz to well into the megahertz region.


tdk logo images

TDK-Lambda is a leading producer of high current and high voltage power sources research, automated test systems, and other demanding applications. Our Genesys programmable power supplies set new standards for flexible, reliable power from 750W to 15kW and wide-range inputs for worldwide operation and are ISO9001:2000 certified. We design and manufacture ALE high voltage capacitor charging power supplies.


Logo for Times

Times Microwave Systems is a leader and pioneer in the development of high reliability coaxial cables and cable assemblies for demanding interconnect applications. Products cover military-aerospace, shipboard, and commercial wireless applications and include high-performance flexible, semi-flexible and rigid coaxial cable assemblies, and flexible 50 Ohm LMR® cables, connectors and assemblies.


logo for wiener

W-IE-NE-R, Plein & Baus, Ltd. provides a full line of electronics for accelerator, experiment control and read-out. Our product line covers WIENER and partner vendors's (ISEG, HYTEC, and MESYTEC) products for the North American market. WIENER NIM, CAMAC, VME / VME64x, VXS, and VXI crates are modular constructed to allow an easy replacement of parts like fan tray or power supply. They combine superior designed mechanic chassis with high quality, microprocessor controlled, and low-noise power supplies and a high level of integrated diagnostic and monitoring. The newest feature is the Ethernet interface for remote monitoring and control. In a joint venture between WIENER and ISEG we provide the new high density, multi-channel low and high voltage power supply system MPOD. A new family of high performance controller for VME and CAMAC with USB2 interface completes our line of interface modules.


ztec logo

ZTEC Instruments is a leading modular instrument company whose product focus is oscilloscopes and waveform generators. ZTEC products are unique in that they provide powerful bench-top instrument capabilities in modular instrument form factors, including PCI, Compact PCI/PXI, VXI, and LXI. ZTEC also offers the only high performance EPICS oscilloscopes on the market, designed specifically for particle accelerator applications.

Past Workshops

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