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Faraday Cup Award Recipients

The BIW10 recipients of the Faraday Cup Award are Florian Loehl (Cornell University) and Kristen Hacker (DESY).

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Femtosecond Resolution Beam Arrival Time Monitor
ID: 1231
Authors: Florian Loehl (CLASSE, Ithaca, New York), Kirsten Elaine Hacker (DESY, Hamburg)

A need for femtosecond resolution beam arrival time measurements has arisen with the transition from many-picosecond-long bunches in ring-based accelerators to a few femtosecond-long bunches in high- gain free-electron lasers. Here we present an electro-optical detection scheme that uses the signal of a beam pick-up to modulate the intensity of a femtosecond laser pulse train. By detecting the energies of the laser pulses, the bunch arrival time can be deduced.
We tested this scheme by distributing a laser pulse train to two locations in the FLASH linac, separated by 60 m, using length-stabilized optical fibers. By measuring the arrival times of the same electron bunches at these two locations, we determined an rms bunch arrival time resolution of 6 fs. This unprecedented monitor resolution allowed us to reduce the beam arrival time jitter from almost 200 fs down to 25 fs with an intra-bunch train feedback. Alternatively, the same detection scheme can be used for large dynamic range micrometer-resolution beam position measurements by using a stripline-type pickup mounted perpendicularly to the beam path, and then detecting the arrival time difference of both pick-up signals.


Congratulations, Florian and Kirsten!
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