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The deadline for submitting manuscripts was April 30.


Authors must use the JACoW manuscript template provided. The JACoW template for Word and OpenOffice makes it easy to produce the desired results. You may install the template as a true template or as an example file into which you cut and paste your own material.

The maximum number of pages per manuscript is:

- 5 pages for contributed oral or poster papers,
- 10 pages for invited papers,
- unlimited pages for tutorials or Faraday Cup Award papers.

Manuscripts exceeding these limits will be returned to the authors.

Oral presenters have the option of publishing their slides (in PDF) along with their manuscript. Slides are a complement to, not a substitute for, a manuscript: Slides will not be published unless accompanied by a manuscript.

The online publication of manuscripts will be in full color.

Please note: Neither BIW10 nor JACoW are able to provide language editing. Before submitting your manuscript, please have it reviewed by someone who is fluent in English.


To upload your manuscript(s):

  • Go to the JACoW Web site.
  • Log in to your JACoW account.
  • Select File Upload.

What to submit
A properly formatted Word (or OpenOffice) version of your manuscript.

Please note: BIW10 is not accepting LaTeX files.

What happens next
Soon after BIW10, the editorial staff will produce the BIW10 Proceedings, which will only be available on the JACoW Web site.


Because the Proceedings of BIW10 are published by the conference rather than by a commercial publisher or a society, there is no copyright form. BIW10 and JACoW do not assert copyright or restrict your further use of the material in any way. We assume no responsibility for author infringements of the rights of others. We may reject papers that are submitted with copyright restrictions that would impede or restrict making papers publicly and freely available through a Web site.

Readiness for Publication
Submit manuscripts that have been fully cleared for release under your institution’s policies and procedures, and which BIW10 and JACoW are free to publish.

Presentation Required
The Proceedings will include only manuscripts that were presented at BIW10. If the author(s) cannot present the talk or poster, they must find someone to present it for them, and inform the BIW10 Program Committee. The Program Committee will reject manuscripts that were not presented at BIW10.


Manuscripts should reflect significant work, be original (new concepts, new devices, new analysis of existing concepts or devices, new methods, or new implementations of existing concepts and schemes, etc.), be accurate, and be factual (avoid stating opinion as fact). References must give proper credit to the ideas of others and the work that has gone before. Manuscripts must be compliant with "fair use" standards when excerpting and attributing the works of others.

We recognize that workshop papers, by their nature, often describe work in progress, and that the length limit does not invite an exhaustive review of past work or a survey of a field. The introduction, discussion, and conclusion sections are good places to acknowledge these limitations and describe the work yet to be done.


Artwork tips are available from JACoW.

  • At a minimum, illustrations, figures, and tables must be of Web-publication quality.
  • Submitting your original illustrations, figures, and tables as separate files in addition to your manuscript is preferred; however, submitting a single Word document with embedded illustrations, figures, and tables is acceptable.
  • Graphs and charts that are professionally created are preferred. At many institutions, assistance in creating graphics and illustrations is available.


The following guidelines are reflected in the template. They are presented here as a reference and troubleshooting aid.

Paper Size, Layout, Margins

The paper size may be A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm; 8.27 x 11.69 in.) or U.S. letter size (21.6 x 27.9 cm; 8.5 x 11.0 in.). Text must be single spaced in two columns of 82.5 mm (3.25 in.), with 5.3 mm (0.2 in.) separation.

Manuscripts must be laid out for one-sided printing.


A4 Paper

U.S. Letter Paper


37 mm

19 mm (0.75 in.)


19 mm

19 mm (0.75 in.)


20 mm

20 mm (0.79 in.)


20 mm

26 mm (1.0 in.)

Text and Headings

Times New Roman (or, on an Apple computer, Times) and Symbol. All text should be in 10 pt font unless otherwise noted below.

The title should use 14 pt bold uppercase letters and should be centered on the page.

The names of authors, their organizations/affiliations, and mailing addresses should be in 12 pt uppercase and lowercase letters. When there is more than one author, the submitting author should be first, followed by the co-authors. Co-authors should be grouped by affiliation (to conserve space) and then be listed alphabetically.

Please note: It is the author's responsibility to check the accuracy of their co-author names and titles.

Section headings should use 12 pt bold uppercase letters and be centered in the column. Section headings must not be numbered.

All section headings should appear directly above the text. There should never be a column break between a heading and the text that follows it.

Subsection headings should use 12 pt italic letters and be left aligned in the column. As with section headings, subsection headings must not be numbered; and again, there should never be a column break between a heading and the text that follows it.

Page Numbering
Do not use page numbers. The editing team will add page numbers.

Figures, Tables, Equations
Figures and tables must be placed as close as possible to their first place of mention. Lettering in figures and tables must be large enough to reproduce clearly, using only the approved fonts. Use only approved fonts in figures and tables.

All figures and tables must be given sequential numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) and have a caption placed below the figure and above the table. Captions that are one line must be centered. Captions with more than one line should be fully (right and left) justified.

If a displayed equation needs a number, it must be placed flush with the right margin of the column.

Reference Section
All bibliographical references should be numbered and listed at the end of the paper in a section called "REFERENCES." Corresponding reference numbers in the text should be placed in square brackets. See the template for examples.


All speakers must give their presentations using the computer system set up in the presentation hall. The use of personal computers cannot be accommodated. A BIW10 Business Office will be available at the hotel for previewing and testing your presentation.

Visuals for oral presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint, version 2003 or later. Presentations in PDF format are also accepted although not preferred. Any animation or video files must be compatible with Windows XP and Windows Media Player. PowerPoint files should be uploaded through the BIW10 Web site used for abstract and manuscript submission (select "Transparencies").

Any animations or video files referenced within presentations must be uploaded along with the presentation file (select "Supporting Files"). To ensure that presentations can be reviewed ahead of time to check for any display problems (fonts, readability, etc.), files must be submitted well before the talk time.

PDF files of oral presentations will be available on the JACoW Web site.


Find your poster number, location at BIW10:

The poster panel for each poster presentation consists of two (2) poster panels. The forward-facing larger poster panel is an area of 119 cm wide by 92 cm tall. The side-facing smaller poster panel is an area of 60 cm wide by 92 cm tall. The two poster panel sections could be combined providing a maximum area of 179 cm wide by 92 cm tall. (Please review this diagram of the poster panels.)
Please note: Copies of your manuscript pages will NOT be accepted for poster presentation.

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