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May 2-6, 2010
La Fonda on the Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Los Alamos National Laboratory


After BIW10 . . .

Meeting attendees can view and search submitted abstracts on the BIW10 area of JACoW. For a complete list of submitted abstracts, submit a search request without any search criteria
(i.e., leave all fields blank).


Abstracts are very important! The BIW10 Program Committee uses abstracts to accept or reject oral and poster presentations. Abstracts are used to create the scientific program. Abstracts serve as the entry points in the database for submitting and tracking authors' BIW10 Proceedings manuscripts. Therefore all our presenters, including invited speakers, tutorial presenters, and the Faraday Cup Award recipient are expected to submit abstracts.


The Friday, February 26, 2010, deadline for abstract submissions has passed. BIW10 is no longer accepting abstracts. Questions? Contact Workshop Administrator Linda Zwick.

Submission Guidelines

  • Abstracts must be submitted electronically via this Web site.
  • The abstract should be a one-paragraph summary (approximately 250 words or 1200 characters) of the major points of your research.
  • The abstract should be entered as one continuous paragraph, with no carriage returns.
  • The abstract system accepts only plain ASCII text: no illustrations, subscripts and superscripts, special math symbols, characters not found in American English, etc. Equations are usually not appropriate for abstracts. (This only refers to abstracts. Your manuscript will be fully formatted and the illustrations will be in color.)
  • Abstracts cannot contain classified, sensitive, restricted, or confidential information.
  • The "auspices" (acknowledgment of funding) should not exceed 200 characters.
  • Footnotes, if used in the abstract, should also be limited to 200 characters. Put each one on a line of its own by using a carriage return.
  • After submission, the next window will allow you to designate the co-authors, the primary or "corresponding" author, and the presenting author. By default, the person who submits the abstract is assumed to be both the corresponding author and the presenter. Be sure to enter all co-author names so they will appear in the index.
  • You may log in and change your abstract and related information (such as author lists) at any time until the abstract submission deadline, when the database will be closed.
  • Log in to the BIW10 area of the JACoW database to submit and manage abstracts.
  • If you do not have a JACoW account, you can create one at the BIW10 area of the JACoW database. Your account also will be used for submitting your manuscript.
  • You must categorize your abstract by subject matter and express a preference for oral or poster presentation. (Except for invited and other special talks, everything is initially a poster. The Program Committee chooses some of those to be contributed orals.)
  • For Tutorial, Invited Oral, Faraday Cup Award Oral, and Vendor Technical Orals, please enter your abstracts as a poster that is considered for an oral. The BIW10 editors will change them to the appropriate type of oral presentation.

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