James H. Werner

Scientist, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Science Thrust:Soft, Biological and Composite Nanomaterialss

Phone: 505-667-8842
Fax: 505-665-9224

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545


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Undergraduate: California Institute of Technology, Applied Physics, B.S., 1992
Graduate: Cornell University, Applied Physics, M.S., 1995
Graduate: Cornell University, Applied Physics, Ph.D., 1998     


Instrument development (microscopes, flow cytometry systems, microfluidics); Laser spectroscopy (fluorescence, time-resolved, and Raman); Biophysics (cellular signaling processes, membrane dynamics, protein folding and conformational fluctuations); Nanotechnology and nano-science; Analytic and biophysical applications of single molecule detection by laser induced fluorescence.

Selected Publications

  • "A Fluorescence Light-Up Ag Nanocluster Probe That Discriminates Single-Nucleotide Variants by Emission Color," Yeh, HC, Sharma, JK, Shih, IM, Vu, DM, Martinez, JS and Werner, JH, JACS, DOI: 10.1021/ja3024737, (2012).

  • Photoluminescence imaging of electronic-impurity-induced exciton quenching in single-walled carbon nanotubes," Crochet, JJ, Duque, JG, Werner, JH and Doorn, SK, Nature Nanotechnology, 7, 126-132, (2012).

  • "Time-resolved three-dimensional molecular tracking in live cells," Wells, NP, Lessard, GA, Goodwin, PM, Phipps, ME, Cutler, PJ, Lidke, DS, Wilson, BS and Werner, JH, Nano Letters, 10, 4732-4737, (2010).

  • "A DNA- Silver Nanocluster Probe That Fluoresces upon Hybridization," Yeh, HC, Sharma, J, Han, JJ, Martinez, JS and Werner, JH, Nano Letters, 10, 13308-13313, (2010).

  • "Formation and Dynamics of Supported Phospholipid Membranes on a Periodic Nanotextured Substrate," Werner, JH, Montano, GA, Garcia, AL, Zurek, NA, Akhadov, EA, Lopez, GP and Shreve, AP, Langmuir, 25, 2986-2993, (2009).

  • Three dimensional tracking of individual quantum dots," Lessard, GA, Goodwin, PM and Werner, JH, Applied Physics Letters, 91, 2224106 /1-3, (2007).

Selected User Projects

  • Probing the 3D nano-environment of live cells molecule by molecule, Diane Lidke, University of New Mexico
  • Photophysics of Luminescence Sensors at the Nanolevel, James Demas, University of Virginia
  • Delivery of nanomaterials across the blood-brain barrier: Three-dimensional tracking of transcytosis, Christine Payne, Georgia Institute of Technology