Technical Staff: James H. Werner

James H. Werner

Ph.D. Cornell University
B.S. California Institute of Technology

phone: 505-667-8842
fax: 505-665-9224



- Areas of Interest

Primary research interests are in optical microscopy, laser spectroscopy, instrument development, and protein dynamics. Ongoing research projects include the design and construction of microscopic instrumentation for 3-D tracking of individual fluorophores, wide-field single molecule fluorescence imaging studies of protein-ligand association, sorting single molecules in microfluidic environments, and optical trapping and manipulation of particles. Experimental capabilities of possible interest to CINT users: Wide field single molecule fluorescence microscopy via total internal reflection excitation, two photon fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, single particle tracking in 2 and 3 dimensions.


- Selected Publications (see CV for full list)

1. "Time-resolved three-dimensional molecular tracking in live cells" Wells, N.P., Lessard, G.A., Goodwin, P.M., Phipps, M.E., Cutler, P.J., Lidke, D.S., Wilson, B.S., Werner, J.H. Nano Letters 4732-4737 (2010)

2. "A DNA-silver nanocluster probe that fluoresces upon hybridization" Yeh, H.C., Sharma, J., Han, J.J., Martinez, J.S., Werner, J.H. Nano Letters 13308-13313 (2010)

3. "Formation and dynamics of supported phospholipid membranes on a periodic nanotextured substrate" Werner, J.H., Montano, G.A., Garcia, A.L., Zurek, N.A., Akhadov, E.A., Lopez, G.P, Shreve, A.P. Langmuir 2986-2993 (2009)

4. "Confocal, 3-D tracking of individual quantum dots in high background environments" Wells, N.P., Lessard, G.A., Werner, J.H. Analytical Chemistry 9830-9834 (2008)

5. "Measuring an antibody affinity distribution molecule by molecule" Temirov, J.P., Bradbury, A.R.M., Werner, J.H. Analytical Chemistry 8642–8648 (2008)

6. "Three dimensional tracking of individual quantum dots" Lessard, G.A., Goodwin, P.M., Werner, J.H. Applied Physics Letters 2224106 (2007)

7. "Increasing the resolution of single pair fluorescence resonance energy transfer measurements in solution via molecular cytometry" Werner, J.H., McCarney, E.R., Keller, R.A., Plaxco, K.W. and Goodwin, P.M. Analytical Chemistry 3509-3513 (2007)

8. "A two dimensional view of the folding energy landscape of cytochrome c" Werner, J.H., Joggerst, R., Dyer, R.B. and Goodwin, P.M. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (USA) 11130-11135 (2006)

9. "A comparison of the fluorescence dynamics of single molecules of a green fluorescent protein: one- vs two-photon excitation" Cotlet, M., Goodwin, P.M., Waldo, G.S. and Werner, J.H. ChemPhysChem 250-260 (2006)

10. "Site-specific dimensions across a highly denatured protein; a single molecule study" McCarney, E.R., Werner, J.H., Bernstein, S.L., Ruczinski, I., Makarov, D.E., Goodwin, P.M. and Plaxco, K.W. Journal of Molecular Biology 672-682 (2005)

11. "Exonuclease I hydrolyzes DNA with a distribution of rates" Werner, J.H., Cai, H., Keller, R.A. and Goodwin, P.M. Biophysical Journal 1403-1412 (2005)

12. "Progress towards single-molecule DNA sequencing: A one color demonstration" Werner, J.H., Cai, H., Jett, J.H., Reha-Krantz, L., Keller, R.A. and Goodwin, P.M. Journal of Biotechnology 1-14 (2003)

13. "Dynamics of the primary processes of protein folding: Helix nucleation" Werner, J.H., Dyer, R.B., Fesinmeyer, R.M. and Andersen, N.H. J. Phys. Chem. B 487-494 (2002)

14. "Effects of fluorescence excitation geometry on the accuracy of DNA fragment sizing by flow cytometry." Werner, J.H., Larson, E.J., Goodwin, P.M., Ambrose, W.P. and Keller, R.A. Applied Optics 2831-9 (2000)

15. "Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy at ambient temperature" Ambrose, W.P., Goodwin, P.M., Jett, J.H., Van Orden, A., Werner, J.H. and Keller, R.A. Chemical Reviews 2929-2956 (1999) (Invited Review)

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