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Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability

R&D 100 Honor Roll

Discoveries, developments, advancements, and inventions pouring from Los Alamos make America—and the world—a better and safer place and bolster national security.


  • SHMTools (Structural Health Monitoring Software)
  • Lab-Scale Asynchronous Radiographic System (LARS)
  • Multidimensional Hashed Indexed Middleware (MDHIM)
  • PipeLIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)


  • Acoustic Wavenumber Spectroscopy (AWS)
  • Safire
  • Cyto-AMP
  • IsoFOX
  • MagRay


  • KiloPower
  • Mantevo Suite 1.0
  • MiniMAX
  • Multi-Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS)


  • MPDV: Multiplexed Photonic Doppler Velocimeter
  • U-Turn: Turning Uranium Around
  • Valveless Laser Processing
  • Sequedex


  • NanoCluster Beacons: Shedding light on specific nucleic-acid targets
  • TAPSS: Trapped Annular Pressure Shrinking Spacer
  • Th-ING: Thorium Is Now Green


  • DAAFox: Environmentally Friendly Secondary Explosive
  • MOXIE: Movies of eXtreme Imaging Experiments
  • Solution Deposition Planarization (SDP)
  • Ultraconductus: The World's Ultimate Electrical Conductor
  • Ultrasonic Algal Biofuel Harvester


  • Artificial Retina Project—Restoring sight through science
  • High Resolution UV Relay Lens—A New Lens for Particle Size Distribution
  • LASONIX—A New Method to Fabricate Three-Dimensional Microelectronics
  • MAGVIZ—MRI for Carry-On Liquids
  • SIMTECHE—CO2 Capture Process
  • TeraOps—Supercomputing Power for Space Applications


  • 3-D Tracking Microscope
  • Laser-Weave®: A new approach for synthesizing inorganic fibers


  • Camera on a Chip
  • Portable Acoustic Cytometer


  • ENABLE:Energetic Neutral Atom Beam Lithography/Epitaxy
  • Green Primaries: Enviro-Friendly Energetic Materials
  • MICHELLE: A Software Tool for Three-Dimensional Modeling of Charged-Particle-Beam Devices
  • PixelVizion: An NPU-Embedded Visualization Accelerator for Large Data Sets
  • Trident


  • CartaBlanca: A High-Efficiency, Object-Oriented, General-Purpose Computer Simulation Environment
  • MESA: Measuring Enzyme-Substrate Affinities
  • nanoFoam: A Metal-Nanofoam Fabrication Technique
  • NESSUS: Probabilistic and Uncertainty Analysis for Large Scale Complex Systems


  • Clustermatic
  • Confocal X-Ray Fluorescence Microscope
  • mpiBLAST: A High-Speed Software Catalyst for Genetic Research
  • Plasma-Torch Production of Spherical Boron Nitride Particles
  • 10-Gigabit Ethernet Adapter: Speed Really Changes Everything


  • CARISS: Integrated Elemental and Compositional Analysis
  • BASIS: High-Confidence Biothreat Detection and Characterization
  • FIRETEC: A Physics-Based Wildfire Model
  • Flexible Superconducting Tape
  • FlashCT™
  • Green Destiny
  • PowerFactoRE: A Suite of Reliability Engineering Tools for Optimizing the Manufacturing Process
  • Super-Thermite Electric Matches


  • GENIE: Evolving Feature-Extraction Algorithms for Image Analysis
  • HDF5—Hierarchical Data Format


  • Free-Space Quantum Cryptography
  • SCORR—Supercritical CO2 Resist Remover
  • Tandem-Configured Solid-State Optical Limiter


  • Ande: Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation System
  • Electroexploded Metal Nanoparticles


  • Acoustic Stirling Heat Engine
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet
  • CHEMIN: A Miniaturized X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument
  • PREDICT—A New Approach to Product Development
  • Real-Time, Puncture-Detecting, Self-Healing Materials
  • REED-MD: A Computer Code for Predicting Dopant Density Profiles in Semiconductor Materials
  • The Sulfur Resistant Oxymitter 4000™


  • Cyrax™—Portable, 3-D Laser-Mapping and Imaging System
  • Low-Smoke Pyrotechnics
  • SOLVE—Creating 3-D Pictures of Protein Molecules
  • Underground Radio


  • ASR Detect—Diagnostic Method for Analyzing Degrading Concrete DryWash™
  • Falcon: Breakthrough Software for Simulating Oil Reservoirs
  • Rapid Size Analysis of Individual DNA Fragments
  • Plasma Source Ion Implantation for Enhancing Materials Surfaces
  • High Performance Storage System


  • Transportable Remote Analyzer for Characterization & Environmental Remediation
  • PLASMAX—Plasma Mechanical Cleaner for Silicon Wafers


  • Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy Chemical Fill Detector
  • Hydride-Dehydride Recycle Process
  • HIPPI-SONET Gateway
  • The Índigo-830
  • Microsensor for Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Polymer Filtration System


  • Bartas Iris Verification System
  • Directed Light Fabrication of Complex Metal Parts
  • Lattice Boltzmann Permeameter
  • Optical Biopsy System
  • Telemetric Heat Stress Monitor
  • Ultrasensitive Ultrasonic Transducer


  • Miniature Elastic Backscatter Lidar
  • Phase-Sensitive Flow Cytometry
  • Selenium-Based Reagents for the Evaluation of Chiral Molecules
  • Ultrafast Infrared Spectrometer


  • Animated Display of Speech
  • Cryogenic Diamond Turning
  • Plastic Dye Laser Rods
  • Portable Laser Spark Surface Mass Analyzer
  • Thermal Neutron Multiplicity Counter
  • Zeeman Refractive Index Detector


  • Optical High-Acidity Detector
  • Resonant Ultrasound Inspection
  • Semi-Insulator Detector
  • Single Molecule Detector


  • Broadband Microwave Absorption Spectrometer for Liquid Media
  • Coolahoop
  • Fast Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (FAGE)
  • New Class of High-Temperature Structural Materials
  • Solid-State Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor
  • Universal Process for Fingerprint Detection
  • Upconversion Solid-State Laser


  • Conductive Lattices
  • FFT Flow Cytometer
  • Noncontact Screening System for High Temperature Superconductors


  • HTMS Reference Electrode
  • Lattice Gas Algorithm
  • Mobile Beryllium Monitor
  • Nuclear Material Solution Assay System
  • Optical Microrobot Single-Cell Manipulator/Analysis System
  • Oriented, Highly Anisotropic Conducting Polymers
  • Photoinjector for RF Linac Accelerators
  • 32-Stepper Motor Position Controller


  • Aurora Laser Beam Alignment System


  • BHTP—A Unique Scintillation Compound


  • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage


  • Transuranic Waste Assay System


  • WC Field Computer System


  • Radio Frequency Quadrapole Linac


  • Portable Multichannel Analyzer
  • Wee Pocket Radiation Detector


  • Diamond Machining of Optics
  • Electronic Device for Treating Tumors
  • Electronic Identification System

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