Quick Reference

Document Keywords for -generic Option

Keyword Meaning
Begin_Doc [filename] Start Documentation Mode and output to filename if specified.
End_Doc Stop Documentation Mode.
Begin_Verbatim Start Verbatim Mode (only during Documentation Mode) to leave comment characters as they appear in the input.
End_Verbatim Stop Verbatim Mode.
Begin_Self_Documentation Start Self Documentation Mode, which lists the commands necessary to produce the documentation for this file. This may or may not appear within the Documentation Mode.
End_Self_Documentation Stop Self Documentation Mode.
Begin_Self_Test Start Self Test Mode, a synonym for the Self Documentation Mode.
End_Self_Test Stop Self Test Mode, a synonym for Self Documentation Mode.

Document keywords must appear on a comment line by themselves to take effect. Lines containing Document keywords are never printed.

Common syntax for including source code (with LATEX and Fortran):

  c Begin_Doc
  c \begin{verbatim}
  c Begin_Verbatim
  c Source Code to be quoted verbatim.
    do i = 1, 20
      i = i + 1
    end do
  c End_Verbatim
  c \end{verbatim}
  c End_Doc

The perl source code for the Document package contains examples of most of the things that can be done with Document, LATEX and LATEX2HTML, such as:

Michael L. Hall