10.1 Trace Class

The Trace Class is used to describe a communication trace in the CÆSAR Code Package. A communication trace consists of the set-up information for a particular gather-scatter call.

Trace public procedures:

 Fundamental procedures  
 Initialize  Initializes a Trace object.
 Finalize  Finalizes a Trace object.
 Valid_State  Returns false iff a Trace object is in an invalid state.
 Initialized  Returns true iff a Trace object has been initialized.

Trace public defined type:

 Trace type  
 Dimensionality  The number of dimensions that the index has.
 Index1, Index2  The index values, which may be modified by the communications package.
 Initialized  Initialization status.
 Trace  The trace for the communication associated with the index.

The Trace Class code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall