9.3 Text_Utils Module

Change changing places
Root yourself to the ground
Capitalize on this good fortune
One word can bring you round
- Yes, 90125, ``Changes''

The Text_Utils Module provides utility routines that mimic those found in the Gnu text-utils package for use inside Fortran routines. The routines provided are similar, but may not behave exactly the same as the Gnu versions. The Text_Utils Module also provides various other functions to manipulate text.

Candidates for inclusion in this module (i.e., the utilities in the Gnu version) are: cat, cksum, comm, csplit, cut, expand, fmt, fold, head, join, md5sum, nl, od, paste, ptx, pr, sort, split, sum, tac, tail, tr, tsort, unexpand, uniq, and wc.

Text_Utils public procedures:

 Capitalize  Converts a string to lowercase with uppercase at the beginning of words.
 Lowercase  Converts a string to all lowercase.
 Uppercase  Converts a string to all uppercase.

The Text_Utils Module code listing contains additional documentation. The Text_Utils Module also contains a Unit Test Program.

Michael L. Hall