9.2 Shell_Utils Module

The Shell_Utils Module provides utility routines that mimic those found in the Gnu shell-utils package for use inside Fortran routines. The routines provided are similar, but may not behave exactly the same as the Gnu versions.

Candidates for inclusion in this module (i.e., the utilities in the Gnu version) are: basename, chroot, date, dirname, echo, env, expr, factor, false, groups, hostname, id, logname, nice, nohup, pathchk, printenv, printf, pwd, seq, sleep, stty, su, tee, test, true, tty, uname, users, who, whoami, and yes.

Shell_Utils public procedures:

 Basename  Removes the path prefix and optionally the suffix from a given pathname.
 Dirname  Strips off the filename or last level and returns only the directory name from a given pathname.

The Shell_Utils Module code listing contains additional documentation. The Shell_Utils Module also contains a Unit Test Program.

Michael L. Hall