C.1.2 Get_Command_Argument_F2003 Procedure

The main documentation of the Get_Command_Argument_F2003 Procedure contains additional explanation of this code listing.

  subroutine Get_Command_Argument_F2003 (Number, Argument)

    ! Local use associations.

    ifelse(COMPILER, NAGWare, [
      use F90_Unix_Env, only: GETARG

    ! Input variables.

    type(integer), intent(in) :: Number        ! The number of the argument.

    ! Output variables.

    type(character,*), intent(out) :: Argument ! The argument.


    ! Verify requirements.

    ! Number is in the correct range.

    ! Get the argument.

    call GETARG (Number, Argument)

    ! Verify guarantees - none.

  end subroutine Get_Command_Argument_F2003

Michael L. Hall