15.1.20 Get_Flag_Faces_of_Cells_Multi_Mesh Procedure

The Get_Flag_Faces_of_Cells_Multi_Mesh procedure returns the Flag for each face of each cell of a Multi_Mesh object. These flags are set to:

0 internal faces
1 left faces (-x)
2 right faces (+x)
3 front faces (-y)
4 back faces (+y)
5 bottom faces (-z)
6 top faces (+z)

Calling syntax:

call Get_Flag_Faces_of_Cells (Flag_Faces_of_Cells, Mesh)

Input variable:

 Mesh  The Multi_Mesh object.

Output variable:

 Flag_Faces_of_Cells  The flags for each face of the cells on this PE.

The Get_Flag_Faces_of_Cells_Multi_Mesh code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall