15.1.9 Dump_GMV DV and MV Vector Procedures

The Dump_GMV_Distributed_Vector and Dump_GMV_Mathematic_Vector procedures are used internally to output a variable to the middle of a GMV plotting file.

Calling syntax:

call Dump_GMV_Distributed_Vector (Variable, Mesh, unit, status) or
call Dump_GMV_Mathematic_Vector (Variable, Mesh, unit, status)  

Input variables:

 Variable  Mathematical or Distributed Vector to be output.
 Mesh  The Multi_Mesh object for this GMV dump.
 unit  The unit for GMV dump output.

Output variable:

 status  If present, the status variable is set to either `Memory Error' or 'Success' depending on program execution. If not present, the procedure aborts if unsuccessful when the DEBUG_LEVEL is set high enough.

The Dump_GMV DV and MV Vector code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall