14.2.8 Get_Harmonic_Diffusion_Coef_Ortho_Diffusion Procedure

The Get_Harmonic_Diffusion_Coef_Ortho_Diffusion procedure calculates the harmonic average of the diffusion coefficient at each face of each cell.

Calling syntax:

call Get_Harmonic_Diffusion_Coef ( Harmonic_Diffusion_Coef_F_of_C, Diff_Term)

Input variables:

 Diff_Term  The Ortho_Diffusion Term to be queried.

Output variables:

 Harmonic_Diffusion_Coef_F_of_C  The harmonic average diffusion coefficient evaluated at each face of each cell on this PE.

The Get_Harmonic_Diffusion_Coef_Ortho_Diffusion code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall