14.1 Monomial Class

The Monomial Class is used to describe a Monomial in the CÆSAR Code Package. A Monomial interacts with the other Monomial class by blah blah blah.

The Monomial methods section describes the methods used in the Monomial Class.

Monomial public procedures:

 Fundamental procedures  
 Initialize  Initializes a Monomial object.
 Finalize  Finalizes a Monomial object.
 Valid_State  Returns false iff a Monomial object is in an invalid state.
 Initialized  Returns true iff a Monomial object has been initialized.
 Add_to_Matrix_Equation_Monomial  Description.
 Name  Returns the name of the Monomial object.
 Output  Writes out the Monomial object.

Monomial public defined types:

 Monomial type  
 Variable  Description. [Units]
 monomial type  
 Variable  Description. [Units]
 Initialized  Initialization status.

Monomial public variables:

 variable type  
 Variable  Description. [Units]
 variable type  
 Variable  Description. [Units]

The Monomial Class code listing contains additional documentation. The Monomial Class also contains a Unit Test Program.

Michael L. Hall