13.3.5 Set_Solver_Variable Procedure

The Set_Solver_Variable procedure sets a Solver internal variable.

Calling syntax:

call Set (Solver, Variable, Value)

Input variables:

 Solver  The Solver object to be set.
 Variable  The variable within the Solver object to be set. Valid variables, their types and descriptions are:
Epsilon real Solver solution tolerance.
Maximum_Iterations integer For iterative solvers, the maximum number of iterations allowed.
Stopping_Test character The stopping test. Currently the only stopping test available is `||r||/||b|| < Eps'.
LAMG_levout integer The output level variable for the LAMG package.
 Value  The value to set the variable to, which is required to be the proper type (real, integer, character, logical) for a given variable.

Output variables:

 Solver  Modified Solver object.

The Set_Solver_Variable code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall