13.2.11 Read_Harwell_Boeing_ELL_Matrix Procedure

The Read_Harwell_Boeing_ELL_Matrix procedure reads and initializes an ELL_Matrix object from a Harwell-Boeing formatted file. It will also read in and initialize a Mathematic_Vector object for a right-hand side vector, an initial guess vector and/or an exact solution vector.

Calling syntax:

call Read_Harwell_Boeing (ELLM, RHS_MV, Solution_MV, Guess_MV, Row_Structure, Column_Structure, Unit, status)

Input variables:

 Unit  The logical unit for input, which defaults to 5.

Output variables:

 ELLM  The ELL_Matrix object to be read in and initialized.
 RHS_MV  The right-hand side Mathematic_Vector object to be read in. [Optional]
 Solution_MV  The exact solution Mathematic_Vector object to be read in. [Optional]
 Guess_MV  The initial guess Mathematic_Vector object to be read in. [Optional]
 Row_Structure  The Base_Structure giving the row distribution for the ELL_Matrix.
 Column_Structure  The Base_Structure giving the column distribution for the ELL_Matrix.
 status  If present, the status variable is set to either 'Memory Error' or 'Success' depending on program execution. If not present, the procedure aborts if unsuccessful when the DEBUG_LEVEL is set high enough.

Internal variables:

 allocate_status  Allocation Status.
 consolidated_status  Consolidated Status.

The Read_Harwell_Boeing_ELL_Matrix code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall