13.2.9 MatVec_ELL_Matrix Procedure

The MatVec procedure calculates the global matrix-vector product of an ELL Matrix and a Mathematic Vector. It has some ``smart'' features:

Calling syntax:

call MatVec (ELLM, MV_in, MV_out)

Input variables:

 ELLM  An ELL_Matrix object to be multiplied.
 MV_in  A Mathematic_Vector object to be multiplied. The Structure of the Mathematic_Vector must be the same as the Column_Structure of the ELL_Matrix.
 MV_out  Mathematic_Vector object for output, but must have a Valid_State and the same Structure as the Row_Structure of ELLM on input.

Output variable:

 MV_out  Mathematic_Vector object result of multiplying the ELL_Matrix object by the Mathematic_Vector object. The resultant Mathematic_Vector will have the same Structure as the Row_Structure of the ELL_Matrix.

The MatVec_ELL_Matrix code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall