13.1.13 Set_Values_Mathematic_Vector Procedure

The Set_Values_Mathematic_Vector procedure sets the values for the Mathematic Vector. Note that if the single value form of this procedure is used, then the same number of procedure calls must take place on every processor - this is required by internal verification calls that use global communication. If a different number of values are to be set on each processor, then the vector form should be used.

Calling syntax:

MV = Value ,
MV = Values ,
call Set_Value (MV, Value) ,
call Set_Values (MV, Value, Row, Global) ,
call Set_Values (MV, Values, Rows, Global) or
call Set_Values (MV, Values)  

Input variable:

 Values  A vector of values for the Mathematic_Vector object. If the Rows variable is not present, Values must be the same size as the Mathematic_Vector. Otherwise, Values must have a size smaller than or equal to the size of the Mathematic_Vector.
 Rows  An integer vector of rows for the Values vector. [optional]
 Global  A toggle between using global or local (on this PE) indices for the Rows variable. Default is true (use global). [optional]
 Value  A single value for the Mathematic_Vector object. The Row variable must be present for the Set_Values form of the procedure. For the Set_Value or assignment form, all vector values are set to the same input value (often zero).
 Row  The row index for the Value variable.

Input/Output variable:

 MV  The Mathematic_Vector object to be set.

The Set_Values_Mathematic_Vector code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall