13.1.7 DotProduct_Mathematic_Vector Procedure

The DotProduct procedure calculates the global dot product of two Mathematic Vectors.

Note that I would rather call this routine ``Dot_Product'', but the F90 standard does not allow underscores in defined operator names (i.e. ``.Dot_Product.'' is not allowed).

Calling syntax:

Output = MV1 .DotProduct. MV2 or
Output = DotProduct(MV1, MV2)  

Input variables:

 MV1, MV2  Two Mathematic_Vector objects to be dotted.

Output variable:

 DotProduct  Scalar result of taking the global dot product of the two Mathematic Vectors.

The DotProduct_Mathematic_Vector code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall