11.2.6 Get Value Statistics Functions

The Get Value Statistics functions return values from a Statistics object. Local or global values can be returned by specifying the Global logical input variable.

Calling syntax:

Output = Arithmetic_Mean (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Average (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Count (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Geometric_Mean (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Harmonic_Mean (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Maximum (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Mean (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Minimum (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Name (Statistics) ,
Output = Standard_Deviation (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Sum (Statistics, Global) ,
Output = Total (Statistics, Global) or
Output = Totally_Positive (Statistics, Global)  

Mean and Average are alternate interface names for the Arithmetic_Mean Procedure, and Total is an alternate interface name for the Sum Procedure.

Input variables:

 Statistics  The Statistics object to be examined.
 Global  If present and true, the function does a global update and then returns the global value. Otherwise, the local PE value is returned. [Optional]

Output variable:

 Output  For Name, returns a character variable containing the name assigned to the object upon initialization. For Count, returns the integer number of values in the Statistics object. For Totally_Positive, returns a logical which is true only if all the values are positive. For all other functions, returns a real variable with the named value for the Statistics object. Note that the values returned by Geometric_Mean and Harmonic_Mean have no significance if Totally_Positive is false.

The Get Value Statistics code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall