11.1.1 Prime_Factors_Math_Utils Procedure

The Prime_Factors_Math_Utils procedure returns a vector of the prime factors for a given number. For negative numbers, it returns a vector with ``-1'' in the first position and then the prime factorization for the corresponding positive number. For zero, it returns a single zero as the prime factorization. The procedure gives correct answers for all integers in the range [-HUGE(),HUGE()].

Calling syntax:

call Prime_Factors (Number, NFactors, Factors, Verbose)

Input variables:

 Number  The number to be factored.
 Verbose  Toggle for output. Default is false. [optional]

Output variables:

 NFactors  The number of prime factors.
 Factors(32)  A vector of the prime factors.

The Prime_Factors_Math_Utils code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall