10.4.7 Initialize_Shell_Partition Procedure

The Initialize_Shell_Partition procedure sets up the Cell_Structure, the Node_Structure, and the Nodes_of_Cells_Index for a ``Shell Partitioning''. The ``Shell Partitioning'' numbering scheme, which is designed to be a poorly distributed scheme for testing purposes, is described in the Generate_Shell_Partition procedure.

Calling syntax:

call Initialize_Shell_Partition  NDimensions, Cell_Structure, Node_Structure,
   Nodes_of_Cells_Index, Output

Input variables:

 NDimensions  The number of dimensions (1=line, 2=square, 3=cube).
 Output  Output toggle.

Output variables:

 Cell_Structure  The Cell Base_Structure object.
 Node_Structure  The Node Base_Structure object.
 Nodes_of_Cells_Index  The Nodes_of_Cells Data_Index object.

The Initialize_Shell_Partition code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall